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Owners Corporations Victoria Member, Ardent Owners Corp managers

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At Ardent, as professional Owners Corporation Managers, we are registered with Business Licensing Victoria, our Professional Indemnity Insurance is far in excess of the amount required by the Owners Corporation Act 2006.  Ardent personnel are conversant with the complex and current legislative requirements involved in Owners Corporation management.

Our function is to assist unit and lot owners with the financial, administrative and maintenance duties ensuring that the common properties are enhanced and maintained thereby improving the capital value of each owner’s individual property.

Once appointed we will ensure that the initial setup and activation has been completed correctly.  Where necessary we will advise you of contingencies to rectify any anomaly detected.  When units under our management undergo a change in occupancy, either a change in ownership or tenancy, we provide a welcome pack which includes a copy of the relevant owners corporation rules thus helping to optimise harmony for all residents.

Ardent takes the complexities out of complexes under management