Choosing Your Manager

The selection of an Owners Corporation Manager should be based on a broad range of criteria such as:

  • Services that are included in standard fee structure
  • Availability of Owners Corporation Manager
  • Compatibility between Owners and Manager
  • Skills offered by designated Manager
  • Is there be a choice of Manager
  • Overall value for money

Beware: Choose your manager wisely!

Removing a contracted manager without financial penalty is often a drawn out process; even following correct procedures you will need to start taking action up to 3 months before the end date on the current contract (which may well be a rolling , or self perpetuating contract).

Need help or more information?

Contact Ardent who can step you through this process.

In Victoria Owners Corporation Managers must be registered with The Business Licensing Authority

Link to BLA Public Register:

The peak Professional Body for Owners Corporation Managers is Owners Corporations Victoria

Link to OCV Register:

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