New Projects

We offer assistance with the activation of the Owners Corporation and advice on the obligations of the developer under the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

Our input at the development and design stage can enhance the effectiveness of maintenance and reduce operational cost; we review plans to detect any oversights in design. 

We establish essential services relevant to the operation of the Owners Corporation such as: –

  • Building Security
  • Essential Services related entities
  • Cleaning Contracts
  • Building Signage
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Fire Service
  • Waste management plan
  • Public Lighting Layout
  • Plus items as listed below

Set Up for Built or Partially Built Sites

Under S 66 OC Act an Owners Corporation is required to conduct a meeting of its members (the developer) within the first six months of registration. 

As professional Owners Corporation Managers we: –

  • Assist in the drafting of the Owners Corporation Rules.
  • Prepare the draft Owners Corporation Budget.
  • Organise the Inaugural General Meeting.
  • Arrange Owners Corporation insurance.
  • Provide Owners Corporation Certificates for Sale of properties.
  • Upon settlement of all units hold a Special General Meeting with Owners.
  • Supply our contact particulars and a Welcome Pack to minimise the contact you have with new owners.
  • Provide an information leaflet on Owners Corporations to prospective buyers.
  • Answer queries of prospective buyers or their solicitor / conveyancer
  • Change of billing address for essential service providers
  • Australian Tax Office Registration and compliance
  • Lands Victoria Activation and Registration
  • Establish OC Bank Account.
  • Common Area and driveway signage.
  • Owners Corporation signage.
  • Assist as necessary with items listed under New Projects.

Whilst the developer must supply relevant documents and convene the meeting it is not necessary for the developer to attend. The meeting can be at your office, our office, onsite or elsewhere.

The inaugural meeting to establish the Owners Corporation is generally attended by the developer’s representative and the Owners Corporation Manager, the minutes of this meeting form part of the Section 32 Sale of Real Estate as an attachment to the mandatory Owners Corporations Certificate.

Ardently working with developers for the effective establishment of Owners Corporations