Owner Managed Plans

Self-Managed Plans

In Victoria unit complexes of more than two are required by legislation to have an Owners Corporation; however where there are 12 or less lots it is not mandatory that a committee exists.  The committee size is a minimum of 3, maximum of 12. We recommend that the owner’s corporation committee organise regular meetings to discuss issues, disputes, and to make resolutions.  Self managed plans handle their own legal and tax compliances plus deal with disputes and arrange for the implementation of major works or repairs.

If a crucial committee member has to leave their body corporate duties creating a situation where others are unable to cope with an increased workload, contact Ardent regarding a quotation for our services.

Sometimes a dispute becomes unresolvable, requiring informed and impartial mediation; if you find that you are in this state of impasse you have everything to gain by contacting Ardent.

When major projects are required, there can be a dramatic increase in the workload placing undue pressures on the volunteers that comprise the owner’s corporation committee. This could be the time to contact a professional owner’s corporation manager like Ardent.

Contact Ardent when a unit is being listed for sale requiring the issue of an Owners Corporation Certificate for enclosure with the Real Estate section 32 Vendor’s Statement.

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