Benefits for all residents whether owners or tenants

  • A    Attention to detail
  • R    Response Guarantee
  • D    Dispute resolution
  • E    Emergency service contact 24/7
  • N    New occupant welcome pack
  • T    Transparency in all dealings

Ardent’s policy of transparency We guarantee that at no time do we ask or receive any commissions, payments, or other benefits, from any trades or professional people who are engaged for work on any units managed by us.

Assistance to owners at affordable prices

Owners Corporations Victoria Member, Ardent Owners Corp managers

We proudly observe the Code of Conduct of OCV

We are happy to tailor a package of services to suit your needs:

Secretarial: Maintain all registers and records as required under the Owners Corporation Act.  Keep minutes of meetings and records of correspondence, and notices. Attend  to enquiries and correspondence from mortgagees, real estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, prospective purchasers and Owners Corporation members.

Process matters in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Process and prepare documentation and certificates as set out in the Owners Corporation Act.

Lodge Australian Taxation and Land Victoria documentation.

Accounting: Fee & Levy invoicing and debt recovery. Creditor payment. Annual Budgeting. Financial reporting on Income & Expenditure.

Maintenance: Regular and emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance of common property and gardens.  Reference to property consultants and experts for building defects and complex issues. Contractor payment., once satisfactory work performance is verified. Provision of cleaning services for common areas as agreed.

Discuss longer term maintenance issues and the “PROS and CONS” of having a maintenance fund.

Meetings: Call, attend and chair meetings as required.  Preparation of notices, agendas, proxies, ballot stationery, record, prepare and distribute minutes.  Act upon and follow through on resolutions.

Insurance: Arrange for property valuations and mandatory insurance on behalf of the Owners Corporation as instructed by members.  Deal with all insurance matters in accordance with the Financial Services Reform Act. Distribution of insurance claim settlement funds to members according to lot liability.

Safety: Occupational Health & Safety compliance of common property and of trades people and contractors who perform work for the Owners Corporation

What is an Owners Corporation?

In Victoria Owners Corporations may be associated with almost any type of real estate including villa units, townhouses, apartments, office complexes, shopping centres, factories, warehouses, rural properties and farms. Multi purpose / mixed use strata developments, whose buildings have a mix of some or all of these classes of occupancy:- retail, dining, office suites with residential units.

An individual entitlement is shown on the plan of subdivision as a lot. A universal description of a lot is the airspace within common walls.

Common property is jointly owned by all of the members of the Owners Corporation with the plan of subdivision setting out the proportion of ownership, thereby apportioning liability and entitlement of each lot.  A property may have multiple Owners’ Corporations.

An Owners Corporation is not required to maintain services that are for the exclusive benefit of one unit.

The most typical common property may include a driveway, roof, stairwells and gardens. Other common property may include lifts and stackers, recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts or gymnasiums.

Ardently managing Common Property with Common Sense & Common Courtesy