New Developments

Developer Consultancy

Ardent Owners Corp Managers are committed to establishing collaborative partnerships with developers providing consultation services from the pre-construction stage right up to building handover.

Contact our office to discuss how we can set up your new development at no cost to you.


Pre-Construction Assistance

During the pre-construction period we assist by:

  • Providing guidance on the Plan of Subdivision set up
  • Reviewing the lot liability and lot entitlements to ensure fairness
  • Proposing Owners Corporation budgets
  • Drafting the Owners Corporation rules and regulations for the Contract of Sale
  • Procuring various quotes & agreements including building insurance and services such as waste management planning

During Construction

During construction Ardent Owners Corp Managers work behind the scene to prepare the Owners Corporation for handover. Main items we focus on during this period are:

  • Insurance – once we are advised of the construction cost, we will arrange for competitive quotes for the building insurance
  • Assistance & Support – on such matters as essential services, compliance and legislative constraints
  • Review of quotes and budgets – as the construction progresses, we review quotes and budgets to ensure that they remain relevant and updated.
  • Regular inspection on construction site when it is closer to completion to iron out any issues while builders are still onsite.

Handover / Settlement

Once construction is complete and ready for handover Ardent Owners Corp Managers:

  • Set up the Owners Corporation with owner registers, accounting records, ABN & TFN, minutes, house rules, insurance schedule and certificates and supplier details
  • Preparing OC certificates for settlements
  • Assistance on managing and reporting any common property defects to the builder
  • Property audits and implementation of various management procedures

Contact Us

Please contact our office to discuss how we can setup the Owners Corporation for your development at no cost to you.